General Terms and Conditions for Mentoring Services

Effective Date: 24/09/2023


a. “” or “the Site” refers to the online platform operated by Sport Combine where clients can apply for mentoring services.

b. “Client” refers to any individual or entity using the Site to apply for mentoring services.

c. “Mentor” refers to any person external to Sport Combine who provides mentoring services through the Site.

Mentoring Application

a. Clients can apply for mentoring services by selecting a mentor on the Site and submitting an application.

b. The mentor has the discretion to accept or reject the client’s application.


a. The client shall make payment for mentoring in accordance with the rates and payment terms specified on the Site.

Contract Execution

a. If the mentor accepts the client’s application and payment is received, a contract is formed between the client and the mentor.

b. The contract will include details of the mentoring services specific to the plan chosen by the client during the application.

c. Parties commit to abide by the terms of the contract, including timelines, agreed-upon mentoring hours, and any other agreed-upon conditions.

Cancellation and Refund

a. Clients may cancel their mentoring plan in accordance with the cancellation and refund policy posted on the Site. (

Responsibilities of Sport Combine

a. Sport Combine commits to providing an online platform to facilitate the connection between clients and mentors.

b. Sport Combine shall not be liable for the actions, omissions, or inactions of mentors or clients.

Client Responsibilities

a. The client undertakes to provide accurate information during the mentoring application and to adhere to the terms of the contract.

Mentor Responsibilities

a. The mentor undertakes to provide mentoring services in accordance with the terms of the contract and to uphold professional and ethical obligations.

Intellectual Property

a. All intellectual property rights related to content created as part of the mentoring services shall remain the property of the mentor unless otherwise agreed upon in the contract.


a. These terms and conditions shall be in accordance with the laws of the United States, the State of Wyoming and the European Union. Any cause of action of any nature arising out this These terms and conditions shall be brought in the City of Evry, France.

Modification of Terms

a. Sport Combine reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions at any time. Clients will be notified of changes through the Site.

By using the Site and applying for mentoring services, the client acknowledges having read, understood, and accepted these general terms and conditions. It is recommended that the client regularly review them to stay informed about any changes.