frequently asked question (FAQ)

For Mentees

For a smooth experience with your mentor

Sport Combine has three main goals: Making personal mentorship more accessible, making it more affordable, and setting clearer expectations.

All mentors you see on the platform have been hand-picked, vetted, and continuously evaluated. That’s how we make sure that everyone you interact with will be valuable to your journey.

You can interact with mentors in two main ways.

Monthly Sessions

Mentors will set up a program that you can apply to through their profiles. Each mentoring program comes with a set of services, things as weekly or monthly calls, sample exercises or hands-on help with your work.

At the very least, each mentor is there for you via an unlimited chat connection. Obviously, there’s a physical limit to how much your mentor can interact with you – they are working professionals in the industry after all – but we will never limit how much you are allowed to talk to your mentor.

So, once again in short.

  1. You apply to a mentor
  2. Your mentor will reach out and either accept or deny your request
  3. You are being matched with your mentor via chat
  4. Your mentor and you work together towards your goal

One Shot Session

Just need an hour with a mentor about a topic you don’t understand or an issue you are having? Welcome to the sessions.

Sessions are the easiest way to get in touch with a mentor: apply to a session, pay (if accepted by the mentor), schedule, done!

Most sessions follow a specific goal, like prepping for a test. However, you can also just get an open “mentor session” where you can discuss whatever you want.

The prices of mentors are big, bold, and hopefully very simple to understand.

We want to give mentees and mentors the ability to form their own mentorships. Therefore, a fixed communication cycle (e.g. in form of a weekly call) is not required by us. We want you to do this mentorship on your own schedule. We’ve seen good results with mentorships that are continuously in touch, but also with mentorships who only communicate every other week. If you don’t have a session with your mentor in a given week, that doesn’t void your payment.

That being said, above all else, the recurring billing cycle is a protection for you. If you feel like a mentor is neglecting you, it’s your chance to cancel the mentorship quickly and get back the money you have “wasted”. Our refund policy is very generous there. We also allow mentors to pause mentorships, so if funds are low or there is no opportunity to connect, you can always pause.

If a mentor accepts your application, we are going to e-mail you and ask you to enter your payment details. After you do this, we will set up the plan that you chose.

So, why do we want your payment information now? The reason is simple: Once you formally enter the mentorship agreement, your mentor will prepare to work long-term with you. We and your future mentor need the security that you have the ability to come up with the monthly payments. Mentors provide this service in their free time, and it is important for us to keep no-shows and dropouts to a minimum.

If you don’t enjoy the mentorship, cancel with two clicks through the platform.

You can pause and end a mentorship at any time by sending us an email to

Make sure that your email contains the following informations :

  • Email object: SC Mentor Hub – “Your Name” – “Mentor’s Name”
  • Bill Number
  • Tell us what is it about (Pause or Cancellation)

In any case (Pause or Cancellation) you’ll lose all connection to the mentor and are asked to leave a final bit of feedback.

If you feel like you are eligible for a refund, you can open a refund request.

Please keep in mind that we auto-refund payments if you cancel less than 48 hours after your previous payment and there is no need to open a dispute with us in that case.

When to open a refund request

You can open a dispute and expect a refund if any of these scenarios happen:

  • you haven’t heard from your mentor in about a week without prior notification
  • your mentor agrees to the refund for any other reason

Refunds can be warranted as part of more formal disputes and upon further review from our side if:

  • there has been major misconduct or breach of trust on the mentor side.
  • the mentor has broken the mentoring agreement or does not provide the agreed services
  • there has been any kind of harassment

Our refund policy does not include refunds in these cases:

  • you didn’t reach your own goals in time
  • the mentorship ended over a month ago
  • you don’t believe your progress has been good enough
  • you forgot about the mentorship for more than one month/payment
  • you realize that mentorship isn’t working out for you
  • there is no particular reason
  • the transaction happened more than 90 days ago

If your mentor cancels the mentorship, they’ll be asked to either give a partial refund, depending on the date of the last payment. They can also choose to refund the whole payment right away.

How to open a refund request

After reviewing our policy, refunds can be requested through this form. The refund request gets sent and reviewed by Sport Combine and our support team will investigate the case based on this policy.

If we accepts the refund request, the refund is processed right away and should appear on your credit card statement within the next 5-10 working days.

What exactly you can expect during a mentorship highly depends on your mentor and their expertise. It is usually designated on their “Topics” on their profile.

What you can and should expect from any mentor:

  • Availability as needed for questions, advice, and guidance.
  • Guidance on working towards your personal goal.
  • Flexibility when it comes to goal changes, help requests, and organization.
  • Actionable coaching, such as help with job interviews, CV checks, and career guidance.
  • A stable point of contact. Whatever might happen in your career – your mentor is there for you.

What you can’t expect from our mentors:

  • Doing any task for you. They are guides, not freelancers and usually guide you for a price way below their usual rates.
  • Around-the-clock support. Mentors are there for you in their down- and free time. They might have busy schedules sometimes too and might now always be able to respond in the span of a few minutes.
  • Instant replies. Our mentorships are designed to be long-term (most mentorships are longer than 30 days). Don’t panic if your mentor doesn’t reply for a few hours, they have full-time jobs and might be busy – just be sure that you are still a priority (and get in touch if you feel neglected).

For Mentors

What it means to be a mentor on Sport Combine

Payment due to you will be made latest by the 10th of every month, after deducting an internally calculated percentage of the amount as Platform Fees and an additional percentage between 2% and 6% for Payment Processing Fees

You’ll get a payout receipt once per month with all transactions from the previous month. How the numbers come together is influenced by a few different things:

  • Successfully charged payments
  • Payment Processing Fees
  • Currency conversions can influence payments to some degree
  • The platform fee we take

Our invoice shows the payout amount before bank fees. Borderless is likely to take another cut that’s depending on payout amount and country. Usually 2% – but with a minimum between $4 to $8.

We only get paid if you do! We don’t take a cut – once you set up your price, we’ll calculate a fee along the lines of 30% and put it on top. Once you have your mentees, we just split the payment and commission.

We all get busy and need to put our mentoring on pause for a bit sometimes. We have all the systems so you can take a break and come back even stronger.

Step 1:

Send us an email at to close your profile to new application.

Step 2:

If you can’t take care of your mentees for a bit, tell us by email at to pause your mentorships until you are back.

You can change your rates and services at any time. Simply send us an email to and tell us what changes you would like to make.

Keep in mind: Current mentees (and applicants) are grandfathered to the pricing and plan they are currently in and their fee won’t change. As soon as someone sends you an application, their price is locked in.

If you would like to upgrade a mentee’s fees, you can send us an email and we will contact the mentee to obtain their agreement. If the mentee does not agree, we will cancel the current plan. If the new price is lower, the change is applied automatically.

The change in pricing is applied with the next payment.

You can report their behaviour by email to and we will cancel their access.

We ensure that your personal contacts are not accessible by a mentee. The only way for a mentee to chat with you is through the tool we use.

We can easily cut off their access.

Don’t worry, your personal contacts are not shared with the mentee. We use Discord so you can manage your mentoring plans in complete confidentiality.